Looking to travel again? Small group travel may be just what the doctor ordered

Small groups and privately guided tours were already seeing significant growth in recent years prior to the pandemic. This was mainly because travelers no longer wanted just a trip, they wanted curated, seamless and meaningful travel experiences with no worries.

They wanted an expert they trusted to plan that “once-in-a-lifetime” bucket list trip, and they wanted private guides, drivers, boutique hotels and good food. They wanted to walk with the locals, talk with the locals, eat with the locals and immerse themselves in every aspect of the local culture.

In the past this type of travel was considered to be ultra high-end and something only a few could afford. All that has changed in recent years and it is not only affordable but preferable, especially now.

Today, as travel recovers, travel consultants and travel advisors report that small group travel is quickly becoming the travel style of choice for people looking to travel again and it’s the area of travel to bounce back first. It’s understandable, as the world is reopening travelers want to have more control over their itineraries and the people with whom they are traveling. They want to avoid crowds and public transportation when possible, giving added value to private guides and drivers.

As restrictions ease and travelers look to explore more, new learned behaviors around health will continue to be top priority. These private small group tours offer travelers increased flexibility and security.

Let’s face it, we all love to travel, but most of us prefer not to get stuck on a large tour bus with dozens of other tourists. On top of that, smaller groups are nimbler, allowing the group to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time and access unique places you couldn’t get to with a larger group or traveling on one of those big motor coaches. Add in the ability to create tighter bonds with fellow travelers and it doesn’t take long to understand why small groups are the preferred option for savvy travelers looking to get the most from their vacation.

The world has changed, travel has changed and small group privately guided tours with 10-18 guests are the most popular tours, out-selling the regular 36-guest itineraries. Having a travel consultant 24/7 with you is an added layer of protection and almost a necessity today, especially when traveling internationally.

A quick recap of “why travel on a small group tour?”

  • You don’t have to worry about planning
  • You’ll enjoy extra space when traveling
  • You’ll have the support of a dedicated team
  • Your well-being will be the priority when traveling
  • You’ll get to see the in-depth best of your destination
  • You’ll make new friends and share the experience

My husband, Fred, and I have been planning and leading small group privately guided tours in Italy since 2006. We have long standing relationships with all of our resorts, guides and drivers. Many of the chefs, winemakers, resort owners, guides and chauffeurs we work with have become personal friends, as do most of our travelers, many who have joined us on multiple tours over the years.

As a chef, I fell in love with Italian food and wines following our wedding in Venice 30 years ago, this was long before George Clooney and Amal picked Venice as their wedding location of choice in 2014. My Italian love affair led me to write and co-author an Italian food and wine book, and start our touring company, Viva Italy Tours LLC. The rest is history. Are you ready to join a small group tour? Contact me for a free travel consultation.

Chef Dawn Bause
Viva Italy Tours, LLC
Call/text: 313-618-6559
Email: Dawn.Bause@gmail.com

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