Oakland Lakefront Lifestyles March 2021

Outside is the way to go for recreation and boat shows in 2021

Just as the public took to the outdoors to recreate safely during the pandemic, our boat shows are going to need to do the same until we get more people vaccinated. With the cancelation of the January Progressive Detroit Boat Show and now the Progressive March Novi Boat Show, we are looking ahead to three important outdoor boat shopping opportunities […]

Reader photos: On the water and in the community

^ Pine Lake, submitted by Lisa Mannix ^ “Watkins Lake, March 2020.” – Beth House ^ “Foggy morning on Schoolhouse Lake.” – Stuart Magy ^ “Sunset on Maceday Lake.” – Tina Teague ^ “Winter on Wolverine Lake.” – Gail Gualdoni

Erin go Bragh

Well it’s finally March and winter is almost over, in fact March 20 is the first day of spring this year. But wait, even before that, March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day! A day celebrated around the world in honor of a British missionary who brought Christianity to Ireland. March 17 is considered to be Feast Day in honor of […]

Seven ways to (safely) beat the quarantine blues

While March typically signals the beginning of spring and the end of a long, cold winter, in 2021 it also marks a year since the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a nationwide quarantine. Whether you picked up a new hobby, got in shape, or just chilled out, it’s time to break free from your home and enjoy these exciting (and safe) […]

Madam Maker creates furniture, walls, empowers women to make repairs

Gina Bommarito mixes her passion for carpentry with an artistic eye to create one-of-a-kind accent wood walls, benches and tables from small to mammoth conference room varieties that have gotten the attention of businesses all over Metro Detroit. The 51-year-old Huntington Woods resident uses reclaimed wood and steel, from barns she travels to throughout the state, as well as old buildings, […]

Bald Eagle Lake

Bald Eagle Lake is a private lake in Ortonville. The lake is known for its plentiful supply of fish, and covers 149 acres with three miles of shoreline. It reaches a maximum depth of 26 feet, and its average depth is seven feet. The lake is a fishing hotspot and is especially well-known for its large- mouth and smallmouth bass. […]

Feeling stressed? Transport yourself to a relaxing, happier place

If ever there were a time to pamper yourself it’s now. Something has to give from the cold, dark days of winter, to quarantining ourselves and overloading on stress related COVID-19 concerns. Our minds and bodies are crying out for relief. You don’t have to go to a spa to spoil yourself, although that can be a nice treat, too. […]

Protecting your private drinking water supply

Do you know the source of your drinking water? While many Oakland County residents rely on public water systems, others have their own private water well. Statewide, 2.6 million Michigan residents rely on private wells for their drinking water supply, while approximately 14% of Oakland County’s residents are served by private household wells. Those wells tap into groundwater, the water […]

News & Notes

No in-person Progressive Novi Boat Show in 2021, boat sales expected to remain high In order to maintain the safety of patrons, exhibitors and staff, show management of the Progressive Novi Boat Show (NBS) has postponed the in-person event until March 2022. The NBS, which would have been celebrating its 29th year, was scheduled for March 11-14, 2021 at Suburban […]